Fenty Beauty Review ~ Part 2! ✨

I have been excited to do this blog for quite a while now… haha just been a bit busy in between! 😅 BUT WE ARE HERE… so let’s get into it! 🙌🏽

This time I am reviewing Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle lipstick and the famous Stunna lip paint! ❤️

In the Mattemoiselle lipstick collection, I got; Griselda, PMS, Freckle Fiesta, Clapback and Ma’Damn ✨And the Stunna lip paint in Uncensored! 😍

In between lip searches I used Vaseline and Jeffree Star Cosemetics: Lip scrub!

These colours are normally what I go for in matte lipsticks as I like them with my skin tone, but Freckle Fiesta was a colour I wanted to try!



Freckle Fiesta:



Stunna lip paint:

I am aware I am behind with this review on these lipsticks, but i would say they are comfortable enough to wear all day. Haven’t done a test knowing they are long lasting but they feel light, and not drying!

The one thing I hated about matte lipsticks was the feeling of dryness, and so the Fenty Beauty: Glossbomb ✨was a gift from heaven, and been using that since I stopped wearing matte lipsticks!

Fenty Beauty for me is a great make up collection, as in the photos I am wearing the Primer and Foundation (330)! ❤️

Have you tried the Fenty Beauty make up range, and what’s your ride or die product? And if you disagree, what was the product that made you dislike the range?

Check out my first Fenty Beauty Review, if you haven’t yet? 🙂 Fenty Beauty Review

And the camera 📷 used for these photos is a Canon SX730 HS. 🌟

The jumper in the photos is from H&M 💫

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See you soon 😘 xx


  1. You’re so pretty! Just stunning! Great blog! Beautiful pics! All the colors looked amazing on you and descriptions were just perfect! I’m gonna grab a tube of Fenty Ma’Damn and live my best life❤️❤️

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  2. Love this post! All these shades look gorgeous on you! I recently bought the Fenty foundation and oh myyy I’m obsessed. PMS is such a lovely shade! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Love the post, and all of the shades look amazing on you! Freckle Fiesta is such a fun color! I’ve been wanting to try Fenty Beauty, as all of the reviews have been so great. I love my Mattes, but hate the formulas that make my lips feel so incredibly dry. This post has definitely convinced me to give it a go, thanks girly!

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