Fenty Beauty Makeup Review!✨

The blog is here, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on #FentyBeauty with you!😍

Can tell by the brush and by the love heart eyes, I am in love with this make up! Not gonna lie when I heard Rihanna was bringing out make up I kind of had bias thoughts in the fact, I was going to love it anyway! BUTTTTT I watched a lot of reviews, and waited a few weeks to buy so I wasn’t just wasting money, I also was excited to try a foundation that finally was for girls with more “colour”!

And I also was excited to try the “Trophy wife” Highlighter ✨ !!!!!!!!!

Pro filt’r soft matte Foundation I got was in #330 👩🏽 and I’m obsessed! Now Sidenote* I would recommend getting the Pro filt’r instant retouch Primer as the foundation didn’t set well with my moisturisers and as soon as I got the primer, the foundation looked flawless!

I wanted to try it out for a few weeks before I did a blog as I knew, there was going to be so much reviews on it already, but for someone who just enjoys buying make up but wants a great foundation to stick with, I definitely recommend the foundation and primer as they are like soul mates together! 💖

The highlight doesn’t even need any words as, what you see is a 1000000x times much better in person! The highlight is perfffeeeeeeccctttt for anywhere on your body, and I like to show my collar bone a lot, it’s perfect on there and shoulders! Of course it’s blinding on your cheeks duhhhh 😂

For prices in the UK 🇬🇧 check out Harvey Nichols website! https://www.harveynichols.com/brand/fenty-beauty/
For t
on my social media pages >>> Facebook: Louise Curtis

Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsloulou__c

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But I will add ones without filters, but if you love a Snapchat filter than this make up will literally be your LIFE! 💯

Hope this review helps, and if you have a favourite foundation let me know which brand you swear by?

See you soon 😘 xx


  1. Hey Jasmine!

    I just nominated you for a Mix-Niche blog award on my blog!
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    Your blog is adorable! I am going to follow right after this comment. I can’t wait to see more posts!

    Just a heads up, if you and-or your nominees like//comment on the official rules post on my blog, they will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card of their choosing!

    Happy Blogging!!

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