‘Macbeth Gone Mental’ πŸŽ­

So it’s been a week since I went to see my partner perform, their comedy version of “Macbeth” !

It was all a surprise going to see Tom perform, and for ages Tom thought I couldn’t go and see himπŸ˜‚

I asked my friend and family if they were free around the 25th August, and said keep it a secret though!! And literally as we walked into the seating area, that’s when Tom said he saw us! Was very happy with myself that I kept that a secret, as I’m rubbish at not revealing things… oops πŸ™Š 

When we got there at Upstairs at the Gatehouse in London, I got all nervous, so of course I had to take some selfies, and get a G+T 🀳🏾🍹

The show was a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to sadness but then back to laughter. A great way of raising mental health awareness! So many people we know or love, suffers from this awful disease, and something needs to be done about it. We need more people talking about it, and making people who suffer from it feel like they have someone to talk to, about how they are feeling. I have loved ones close to me that suffer with it, some who take medication and some who don’t, everyone of them has a different story. 

All of the cast members shared a moment of their own experiences when facing anxiety or depression, and it was very moving some of their stories. And then great acting again with fantastic Shakespearean script! 

Just some info if you are suffering, or know someone who is… please use this, you are not alone! ❀️ 

Really enjoyed the show and the cast did a fantastic job of doing a comedic version of Macbeth! 🎭 

Very proud of Tom and showing his abilities to do what he loves as well as his day job! An inspiration to me and what I want to achieve in the future! Cheers 🍻 

Well done to all the cast, hope to see more shows of the future from Tap the Table productions, so follow/like them and show some love! 

(Thomas, Therese, Ashlee, Wayne) x 

See yah soon xx✨


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