Festivaaaaal B L O G! 

#Nowthatsafestival… #Ministryofcheese! 

Well we woke up early as it was pretty much a 2 hour drive to Dagenham, but we had a sat nav and my iPad handy that got us there and back safely!

So we got there and boy was we in our element… pop/ garage/ hip hop just ultimate songs you knew was playing, and the performers that was opening up before the main acts were Brilliant! 

Dr Fox 🦊 was the host and he was great hyping everyone up, we also had Dj Rick, the man behind MINISTRY OF CHEESE 🧀 The music was amazing and it was our first time at a festival! 

The main acts wereeeeeeeee… *Scream if you see your favourite!

S Club, Dane Bowers, Damage, Blazin’ Squad, 911, BWitched and my favourite BLUE ! 💙 

All the acts were amazing, and our throats were sore when we got home, we got there 12.30 and got home at 00.30 pahaha. We literally danced the whole time, on our feet for like 10 hours, we sat down for maybe 10 mins and that was it! 😳 (was worth it obvs) 

* sidenote JLS played on the radio when on the route to Dagenham and nearly gave Chloe a heart attack. Blue was my first boy band and is my original love, but JLS are my ultimate! 💯 

Have a crave now for Festivals but needs to be one that I would like all the music, wanna dance the whole time! 🕺🏾💃🏽 

​Drinks and food was good, the queues were a drag but no surprise there haha! We enjoyed a few glasses of wine hehe! And then some chicken and chips ❤️

The place went mad when the acts came on, but more mad when Blazin’ Squad, BWitched and Blue came on! I SCREAMED the place down when Blue came on, nearly wanted to cry! Had all the albums and singles and posters! Drove my family mad 😂 

*Sidenote if you loved what Chloe was wearing, leave a comment and I can mention it to her… so send her some love ❤️ 

I have many videos on Facebook and my Snapchat iweeze 👻 

Let me know on what other festivals I should check out, and how was your first experience and which one did you go to? 

See yah soon x 


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