*No spoilers* 

It’s my day off and Orange is the new black has come back with new episodes!!!! 

So of course that means NETFLIX BINGE TIME! 🙌🏽

#OITNB is one of my favourite shows, and love how you get to know the characters. 

To be honest I still need to finish pretty little liars, and been watching everything else but the rest of that show😂, and now with OITNB, Game of Thrones, Big Brother, definitely will be holding back on pretty little liars oops. 🙊

As I stated earlier, no spoilers! Just so excited it’s back, anyone else watch it all in one go that once it’s finished you’re like, oh no another year to wait and binge watch again haha! Oh yeah and don’t hate just because I watch Big brother still🙄 I like it, guilty pleasure I guess lol! 

Who else loves Orange is the new black? What other shows do you love to binge on? 🖥🍊

Enjoy your weekend guys💫✌🏽 

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