❤️Spa Break❤️💆🏽💆🏻‍♂️

Wroxall Abbey you were just what we needed🙌🏽

The day started off at a lovely place called “A cape of good hope” and we had a lovely roast! Then as soon as we checked into the hotel we both went into the hotel room and woah did we not expect what we saw… it was huge and the view we had was just perfect👌🏽

Then went to the spa area and obviously enjoyed the facilities, The steam room and sauna is my FAVOURITE! 🙋🏽

Had a chill out and went out for dinner, when we got back Tom had prosecco set out and it was so cute🥂🍾❤️

Didn’t want to leave this morning!! But we had a stroll around the grounds, and saw some cows which one of them Tom named after a football manager 😂 It’s crazy how it’s already been a year with Tom, but it was lovely being able to celebrate together, and at a Spa🏊🏽‍♀️💑!!!

Definitely recommend going to Wroxall Abbey, it’s so pretty and considering there was a wedding there as well, it was pretty quiet! Took a few photos so I’ll add some for you guys to check them out! 😊

*Both of the dresses I wore, are from Primark!

*my legs are still burning from my workout (is this normal?)

*there should really be a mixed race couple emoji haha!🤔



  1. The place looks amazing, glad you had great time, happy anniversary. I’m still confused in this day in age no mixed couples emojis, behind the times… Come on emoji people get on with it. xx

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