So sore😭…


This was obviously taken before… as I was dying after!

The morning after is the worst! Feel like my legs are going to fall off but they are on fire as well, even little tasks if just pure torture! But I suppose that is the point of it all🙄😂

So glad I’m on my way to the spa (AS WE SPEAK) and get to relax with Tom❤️

Was great seeing my family in London last night, and celebrating my cousins birthday! So many family members I haven’t seen in years, and met some that live near me.😂 Everyone was having a great time, and definitely have to see more of them! Shame my grandad and my auntie couldn’t make it though! 

But if you are in the London area and in need of a personal trainer! Check out my auntie Georgia’s Facebook💪🏽 She is great and I am sore, so that means her workout plans work👌🏽

Anyway enjoy the rest of your bank holiday guys!😊👌🏽

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