It’s Bank Holiday🌞💫

Yessss it’s that time!

Sorry for the people who are still working over the bank hols, but this is heaven for me (since I don’t ever see the term times). 

Have you guys got any nice plans? This weekend is special to me as, this time last year Tom was getting ready to pluck the courage to make things official, (Lucky me I got to go Cambridge as well) 😍. So yes this Sunday/ Monday we will be celebrating a 1 year anniversary at the SPA, and I’m so excited. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How quick has a year gone though?! So Thankful to have him in my life, and will have to do a soppy post on Monday 😂! 

Side note* I have Sky Q tv now and oh wow, I feel like a proper adult. Cannot wait to start the Game of thrones though, so would love to hear thoughts on it👍🏽  Whoever else has SkyQ doesn’t it look so pretty, can’t get over it, and Tom is very happy as he can enjoy sky sports as well now. 

Hope you guys have a great Bank Hol weekend, and enjoy the lovely weather🌞


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