Friday feels… 

Everyone enjoys waking up on a Friday and thinking “Thank gawwwwd”🙌🏽, “we made it” haha, but I suppose I am lucky as for now my day off is a Friday! 

It’s been an up and down week, but as I’m not a full grown adult yet (will I ever be?) I’m excited that I’m getting Sky Q installed next week, OH and I’ll have wi-fi back. EE have no explanation as to why my account was closed but that was great for me, as I wanted to leave anyway! ✋🏽 (boy bye!) 

Lots planned next weekend, and most excited that I’ll be spending next Sunday/ Monday with Tom❤️ as we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary👏🏽 and we will be celebrating it at a SPA, cannot wait to go in the steam room! We decided to do something little together, as we are going to Morocco later on in the year. I need to start my holiday shopping soon, and also get my summer body ready😬😂. 

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