Eurovision Hangover😅!

Well congrats to Portugal for winning Eurovision🙌🏽!

Let’s start off with the fact, I’m at that stage of hungover where you don’t know whether to go back to sleep, eat or just breath in general? And whose fault is it… myself and My partner! I’m dragging him in it to, just because I can 😂. But enough with cliché hangover talk… (Side note, for the people who enjoy a drink from time to time, *DRINK RESPONSIBLE!!! Erm why do we just keep saying we will never drink again, as the hangover is just unbearable, but it’ll be the same again for the next weekend, ha baffles me). Anywaaaaaaaay back to EUROVISIONNNNNN! 

Well I am a massive Eurovision fan, I love watching the semi finals even as much as the grand final, and would love to actually go to the place live! My friend and I were talking about it and considering it’s in Portugal next year, fingers crossed let’s hope that dream comes true!!! It’s so cheesy for some, BUT I LOVE IT!! 🧀❤️

The presenters of last nights show, were quite good actually and the show in general was really good, flowed well and Graham was giving his usual sassy comments, which also adds to the greatness of the show. Also really appreciated that toast he mentioned about Sir Terry Wogan, thought that was really nice, and yes at that time my partner and I didn’t even need to toast as we were already a bit merry! 🤣🙈

All the performances were really good, and the choices this year were amazing, obviously no bias to the UK buttttttt our entry, I thought was a lovely song, oh yeah and thank you Australia for the 12 POINTS! I really loved some of the songs and added a few to my Spotify list already! Moldova, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria and Hungary were my favourites! (Oh wow when I tell you that I can sing along, to the Hungary song, I’m amazed my self, to the point my partner and I were giving it a right good go! *keep quiet you dirty minded people obviously I’m talking about singing!!!!)

 Does anyone else find the jury bit tense? I’m literally sitting at the edge of my sofa, gritting my teeth as I’m wondering what countries are going to get the 12 points. (Let’s keep the fact that Germany and Spain didn’t receive any points for quite a bit on the low, but I’m happy that wasn’t us this time😂😅) 

* more Side notes below 🤔!

Did anyone else fall in love with the Swedish guy?? He was a delight😍  

Omg when I heard Verka Serduchka’s name, i lost it! One of the many mad songs from Eurovision, that are to me quite CATCHY, you just have to dance to it! 💃🏽🎶

Can I say Jamala is amazing, and I have downloaded a few of her songs as well, but yes during her performance there was a little surprise from an Australian guy, and I think that made my partner chuckle quite a bit, but I was too interested in Jamala’s vocals to even really care.🤷🏾‍♀️ 

Overall Eurovision last night, did do the purpose of celebrating diversity and isn’t that the whole point of Eurovision anyway, bringing different cultures together and having fun together. The world we live in might be a little mad at times, and yes Salvador made a point about music and what it has become. But on the other hand Eurovision is what brings all the mad costumes and funky songs from around the world together, and embracing being Unique. Heck why not, EMBRACE it I say! 

So Thank you Kyiv, and can’t wait to see what Portugal brings next year! Cheers to celebrating Diversity, and to many more years of Eurovision! 🙌🏽🥂🍾​

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